Cool Athleisure To Start Your New Year’s Fitness Journey

New year is always a good excuse to start working out. Whether you want to lose weight, build your stamina or simply want to keep your mental health in good condition, exercise has a lot of benefits. But starting a fitness journey and sticking with it can be difficult. Especially if you are planning to get up and go to the gym. One interesting hack which can get you motivated to work out is to get cute and trending athleisure wear. 

Athleisure wear is athletic clothing that you can wear to the gym or as everyday wear. It includes body flattering outfits such as yoga pants, tights, leggings and tops made from moisture absorbing material. It can be worn for your exercises, a morning run or to go to the store. No matter what, athletic wear makes you look active and fun as it mostly comes in bright colors. 

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Loud Printed Leggings

Women’s leggings with fun, colourful patterns are a great way to add a pop of colour to your workout style, such as these women's sloth leggings. Some may think that loud leggings could bring attention to the shape of your legs and that can be concerning for those who are conscious about their body. On the contrary, loud patterned leggings actually take attention away from the shape of the thighs and attract more eyes towards the patterns itself. Additionally, these colourful patterns will really brighten up the mood and get you excited to put them on and start working out! 

Long Sleeved Crop Tops 

Who doesn’t love a good crop top? When it comes to women’s tops, crop tops are not only fun, they are practical for doing cardio and other active workouts. They provide a free range of motion without falling off your shoulder or getting stuck on fitness equipment. On top of that, they also look stylish and sexy without bearing too much skin. And moreover, you can show off your body and the hours of effort you have spent on achieving that body! 

Form-fitting Sports Bras 

One of the most essential clothing for women to hit the gym is the sports bra. These not only provide support for your breast, but it also supports your back and improves your posture while working out. A good sports bra will also absorb sweat thanks to its moisture wicking fabric and keep your body dry with its quick-dry technology. What’s more? Sports bras look flattering on all body types as it provides support and makes you look toned. 

Low Maintenance Sweatshirts 

Whether you workout or not, you must add a sweatshirt to your closet simply because they are too comfortable! Wearing sweatshirts is a great way to stay warm while also looking cool without having to try too much. Plus, you can pair it with anything! You can pair sweatshirts with leggings, pants, shorts or skirts and create a laid-back outfit. 

Mesh Tops 

Mesh tops look sexy and sophisticated and they are great for working out because their peek-a-boo fabric makes them breezy to wear during long, gruelling sets or for some yoga. Mesh tops can also be paired with leggings to create a casual yet stunning look! 

So, these are some of the cool athleisure outfits that you can wear to get you motivated to workout and start your fitness journey!