At United Networks Worldwide (UNWorldwide), we believe that whether online or at the mall, shopping is more than a commercial transaction. It's a unique social experience. People who shop form a community where pleasure and joy abound. Family members and friends do go shopping together at the mall. They can do the same when they shop online

Oh yes, when you shop at our store you can do it alone, of course, You can also sit with family at home, friends at school, or colleagues at work when you visit this store. Browse, discuss, and view our products together before you place an order. Feel the enormous joy of offering advice, making recommendations, and talking to each other about these products. 

That's the Vision of UNWorldwide. We are a community, not a store. We do more here than buy and sell! We encourage, promote, and support each other. We cater to a wide range of tastes, so when family members, friends, and colleagues shop together, each one is sure to find what they desire or need

We have the back of our military, diplomats, international aid and assistance delivery agents, medical services personnel and employees of the United Nations, NATO, and other international organizations. These selfless men and women serve or represent us at home or abroad. They are welcome to shop here at discounted prices and thus strengthen their emotional connection with their loved ones, thousands of miles away from home. It's our way of saying 'Thank you' to them. 

Our Mission is to strive for satisfaction; to give each member of the UNWorldwide community a unique experience; and to spice up your life with products you love

We are human. Now and again, we will get something wrong. When that happens, we will work with you quickly to put things right again.

You can shop for men's wear, women's fashion, fashion jewelry, cute accessories, electronics, and gadgets with us. 

Happy Shopping at UNWorldwide, your Community Mall without walls!